Welcome to Sunny Smiles...

Welcome to Sunny Smiles Assisted Learning Centre (Gr 00 – Gr 0) and Chadé Academy (Gr 1 – Gr 3)
Relaxed, happy and stimulating home school environment based in Radiokop, Roodepoort.
Bridging the gap for children with emotional, learning or language difficulties in a positive manner encouraging contented learners.

Does your child have difficulty in being in a "normal" school environment?
All children deserve to be happy in an environment that accepts them.

We offer...

We operate on a Four Term system.
Parents of home schooled children are responsible for registering their children with the Gauteng Education Department.  Some of our parents have registered their children with Le-Amen, who monitor the children's work and issue end of year reports.

What our Parents Say!

"Jeffrey has been at Sunny Smiles since the beginning of the year. He is eight years old and has had to repeat Grade 1. Jeff has emotional and remedial issues and I thought I would never find a place for him in an educational environment. Di believes in positive re-enforcement and has transformed Jeff into a more positive and happier child. Academically he has progressed with the individual attention that he needs. Through Di and her team at Sunny Smiles I can now see a way forward with Jeff and I have a happy child."

"Sunny Smiles is a fabulous school for a child that needs more attention than most. I've watched my daughter flower into a self-confident, happy child who from hating school work, has grown to love learning."

"Our son Parnesh was born prematurely and has been quite slow in his development especially with his speech.  He started at Sunny Smiles in February 2009 just a month before his 5th Birthday.  His vocabulary at that stage was very limited and his overall communication skills poor which was negatively impacting on his ability to learn.  He came to Diane's school as a shy, withdrawn little boy who was trailing far behind compared to his peers.  Pranesh is now 6½ years old and has come such a long way; he is confident and his speech is vastly improved.  His development has been amazing; our GP even commented that she has never before seen such a radical positive change in any of her young patients.  Sunny Smiles has been just the right environment for Pranesh, he gets the individual attention he needs in an environment where he feels completely safe and relaxed; we would definitely recommend the school for any child who needs just that extra bit of care and attention that mainstream schooling is unable to provide."
Radesh and Simla Singh

"My son Matthew attended Sunny Smiles for a period of two years.
Matthew lacked self-confidence and had lost interest in his school work.
After a period of two months his self confidence was at a all time high and his school work brilliant.
Di and her team at Sunny Smiles gave him back his confidence as well as his ability to complete and excel at most tasks in hand concerning school work and his personal growth.
Di and her team go that extra mile, that we as most parents want for our children.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sunny Smiles."
Kathy Masters

"My son Michael was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder with aggression, this meant that he would have sudden outbursts of rage and as a result, had a hard time integrating with people.  Due to the smaller classes and greater one-on-one attention at Sunny Smiles, Michael's issues were managed and contained to such an extent that he is now able to cope with more people, he still has his outbursts from time to time, but thanks to Sunny Smiles and the foundation they laid, they are less and to a large extent, more manageable."
Kind regards,
Raymond Ralph